Grateful for My Body


At first glance this may sound like a vain blog post, but keep reading.

As many of you know, Vermont experienced some very significant flooding this weekend as the result of hurricane Irene.  Luckily our healthy weight loss spa in Ludlow, VT was spared and we are 100% up and running.  However, on Sunday when the weather was peaking, my husband, my dog Sugar, and I were out of our home when the worst of it struck.

Stuck on top of a hill in town as roads washed out all around us, we were forced to abandon our vehicle and walk home in the midst of the storm.  The walk was ~5 miles and involved crossing raging water, passing our 40-pound dog to one another through the water and over rocks and wash-outs.  We are used to hiking the local roads, or “Vermonting” as we call it at Green Mountain at Fox Run, but this was a bit more intense.

This experience was not only scary, but also a little taxing physically.  The following day we walked another 5 or 6 miles to retrieve our vehicle and assess which roads were drivable.  Both my husband and I have sore muscles today.   Another staff member at Green Mountain described hauling buckets and buckets of water out of her basement to stop the flood waters from reaching the first floor of her house.  She was exhausted and she’s a fitness instructor.  This event was tough to deal with both emotionally and physically for so many of us in VT.

Today, I’m grateful that our bodies were able to do what they needed to do to get us home or save our homes.  Whether I like the way I look in a swimsuit or not doesn’t matter to me today.  Instead of being disappointed that I don’t look like I did in high school or that a few articles of clothing in my closet may not fit any more, I’m appreciating what my body can do for me.  I will do my best to keep my body healthy going forward so it’s always “there for me when I need it.”

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