Girl Scout Cookies Are Good for Your Insides


Today’s post is courtesy of Cindy Bishop, Managing Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

More than likely, sometime in your life you’ve answered the doorbell to find a freckle-faced Girl Scout selling cookies. Equipped with a large box filled with Shout Outs, Peanut Butter Patties and Do-Si-Dos, she cheerfully asks if you would like to support the Girl Scouts.

Today, the modern Girl Scout might even share with you why selling cookies helps her practice the 5 skills and earns her badges (those are important you know!), all part of what being a Girl Scout in 2013 means.

Now for my Friday rant.

Just a few years ago the Girl Scouts received negative press due to their use of palm oil in some of their cookies. Now palm oil isn’t currently perceived as one of the most healthy fats (although some would argue with that), but the furor really had more to do with its negative effect on the rainforest. The Girls Scouts promptly started using Green Palm for their oil. But this year there’s hubbub about the inclusion of a fruit essence additive they refer to as Nutrifusion.

Well, it’s highly unlikely that Nutrifusion makes any difference to the health of the nibbler. To me,  the more important question is how relevant it is. There’s so much more to healthy eating than a nutrition-enhanced cookie. And there’s so much more to the Girl Scouts, too.

So how does this fit into the typical fare we post about on our blog?

For me, the Girl Scouts is an organization that after 100 years is still supporting young women engaging in service, philanthropy, and teaching resourcefulness and courage. It offers our young women an opportunity to learn fundamental life skills while building confidence and character — all healthy ego boosters which help to develop and support behavioral and emotional health. And as many of us know, a healthy dose of self-esteem comes in mighty handy when we’re tempted to eat an entire box of chocolate-covered Thin Mints at midnight because we’re not feeling good about something.

So, join me in supporting Girl Scout national cookie selling day on February 8. Toast proudly with a Mango Crème (with NutriFusion) if you like, or any of the other cookies that strike your fancy. Just help a girl get a badge.

Any fond or funny memories of your Girl Scout cookie selling days you’d like to share?

Photo courtesy of the US Army.

5 responses to “Girl Scout Cookies Are Good for Your Insides”

  1. jules says:

    You have NO IDEA how happy this post makes me. As an obese Mom, recovering from binge eating I wish I had the confidence early on that my 10 year old has, I am PROUD of my youngest who is now in her 6th year of girl scouts (started in kindergarten as a Daisy. Cookie sales is one of the most empowering part of the year for her. Last year, she made herself a goal, decorated her wagon, filled it with the boxes, and went on her entrepreneur way. She by-passed her goal by 50 boxes. One thing that she learned last year was when someone said something about their weight or eating too many cookies, she let them know about the donation option. Anyone can purchase a box or 2 or 3 and they are sent to the troops or donated to the local food bank. The benefits of supporting our young girls to build all around healthier relationships with themselves far out weighs any of the criticism.

    • Eleedee says:

      Love that I can send cookies to folks serving our country or in need. This year I’ll buy a box to practice my green mountain skills with and two for others. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Cindy says:

    Touche, Jules. Touche! Even if you weren’t a Daisy, Brownie, Campfire Girl, Bluebird, or a Girl Scout, you can support other little girls and become a volunteer.

  3. Maria Tadic says:

    I loved being in girl scouts as a kid. And selling cookies was so much fun! Having a cookie every now again is not gonna kill you – its good for the heart and soul plus as you say it might help a girl get her badge!

  4. CB says:

    I’m sorry you don’t get good cookies, Cindy. I remember how much I loved wearing the uniform. Especially when I was a Brownie. The cool brown felt barrett, the groovy orange belt, the sash with your buttons and badges and the socks that matched! Cool beans. And you didn’t have to figure out what to wear the day there was a Brownie meeting.

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