Girl Scout Cookies are Good


Gosh, aren’t there enough things in the world to worry about than a miniscule amount of trans fats found in everybody’s favorite indulgence – Girl Scout Cookies?  Granted, Trans fats are not a desirable fat and we try to avoid them whenever possible, but come on people, let’s get real! I find it hard to believe that a reasonable consumption of Girl Scout Cookies once a year is going to kill anyone.

Girl Scout cookies are sold as a mechanism for fund raising – not to compete against Nabisco and certainly not intended to sit in the cupboards of Americans year in and year out. Girl Scout cookies need not wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy eating plan.

Listen, I want my thin mints once a year and I’m not going to worry about dropping dead because I support the Girl Scouts. Here’s an interesting and light-hearted read on the subject written by Kim Severson, of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“It’s a tough year to be a Girl Scout. As girls fan out across the Bay Area to sell what probably will be 2 million boxes of cookies, the sweet icon of American entrepreneurial spirit finds itself dunked in some of the nation’s hottest topics — abortion, obesity and labor relations. And if that isn’t bad enough, the low-carb craze could torpedo the century-old American tradition.

The first blow came from an anti-abortion group in Waco, Texas, that staged a Girl Scout cookie boycott last month. At issue was a summer sex- education conference for girls sponsored by Planned Parenthood and endorsed by the local Girl Scout council. Read more 

How to join or support The Girl Scouts

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