Getting Ready To Be Thankful


Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S., when many of us will gather with family and friends to celebrate another year.  I love Thanksgiving because my family usually spends the day at home (maybe a relative’s home, but it’s a home) with a group of people we feel very special about.

We have a special Thanksgiving meal for the folks who choose to be at Green Mountain on this day, too.  It ends up being a very festive day, and most of the folks who join us appreciate not having to make their own Thanksgiving meal.  That’s usually my job – I’m the only cook in my East Coast family, although my husband started learning this year, and he’s doing a great job.

Several years ago, we started the tradition in our family of each of us speaking aloud what we’re thankful for.  It’s fun to do that – in the early stages, our repressed family was a little embarrassed to say what they were really thinking, but we got used to it, and now we enjoy telling each other how thankful we are that they are in our lives.  Because that’s usually what we all end up saying to each other.

I found this ‘thankful list’ on an interesting blog the other day.  It makes for a bit more humor in the reciting.  Some of the things people say they are thankful for include:

• Toilet paper (for obvious reasons)
• My electric blanket, foot bag and peppermint mocha creamer for my coffee.
• I’m thankful that even though I feel like I’m talking to air 99% of the time, I do get a kid who comes back and tells me, “Hey, I actually learned something.” I wish more of them did this.
• Nacho Cheese Combos
• That I have 10 healthy toenails.
• Trash cans
• That I’m just as excited about a life-sized Millenium Falcom cockpit as J.

I don’t know what a life-sized Millenium Falcom cockpit is, but makes me giggle. Hope you have some really great giggles tomorrow – even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving.  And that you stop to think about what you’re thankful for.

Posted by Cindy for Marsha while she is away…enjoying her family.

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  1. Harmony says:

    This is one of those things that I love about Thanksgiving. Being able to read and think about what everyone else in the US is thankful for gives me a new insite every year as to more things I can be thankful for.

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