Getting Fit: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It


Opinions — everybody has one, right?

Among the opinionated, falls the reformed exerciser. You recognize them, the ones who enjoy sharing what exercise regime works best. And somewhere mixed in all that enthusiasm, can be a lot of unsolicited advice about what they think might work better —  for you.  Sometimes ‘the reformed’ can be a little too quick to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that they too were sitting on the couch waiting for their laundry to dry.

Discussing current fitness regimes with others can be tricky. Some folks decide fitness is all about a challenge and rock climbing is where it’s at. While others, like me, might take a more integrated approach . But what does it matter if your fitness plan is working for you? And isn’t exercise about feeling great and making your life better? I don’t know, but sometimes it seems like my American brothers and sisters certainly like to make even the simplest things into a competition.

For whatever the reason, when it comes to changing unhealthy eating patterns, getting involved in a new fitness activity, or any lifestyle change for that matter, people seem to have this need to judge, criticize and/or advise.  I can appreciate this undisciplined wisdom is more often than not shared out of ‘the goodness of one’s heart’, but you know what? The only opinion you really need to share with those on their own journey to improved fitness is a hearty congratulations!

My advice? Stop and think about what people really need to hear.  Celebrate each other’s success.  Who cares how you got there?

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