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I was sick and home from work about a week ago, and decided to keep company with the Golden Girls – thank you Lifetime! Sure enough, the episode centered around Rose, Blanche and Dorothy trying to lose weight, while Sophia went on an earnest kick to gain weight (she’d slipped from her life-long 99 pounds to 98 pounds and felt she was wasting away). In case you don’t know the show, Sophia is the octogenarian of the group and is about 4 foot 10 inches tall, so this is not a case of Nicole Ritchie or Lindsay Lohan-ism.

Anyhow, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy are trying to decide how to lose weight for an upcoming special event…aha! Exercise is the answer. They go down to the local fitness studio and walk up to the desk where an Amazon in spandex (remember the high on the thigh “diapers” that were the thing in 1986?) asks them about their intentions. “Are you ready to get serious about weight loss?” she intones from high above them (and down her nose to boot). “Yes, Yes, Yes, we are” they cry out, afraid of being denied access to the weight loss secrets that are just on the other side of the reception desk.

Despite my headache, projectile sneezing and all around illness, this puts me right over the edge in laughter…Are you Serious?? Are you kidding?!!!!? So you’re saying that everyone that’s on a diet, going to the gym, starving themselves, jumping on a diet rollercoaster is doing it just for yuks??

Thinking about my own life, all the times that I fasted on protein drinks, or paid to join a weight loss clinic, or went to the doctor, or cried over a picture from a wedding, or panicked as I regained weight after the latest diet, apparently I just wasn’t serious enough, there was obviously something wrong with my attitude – oh yes, I was having too much fun! It was a barrel of laughs taking protein powder to a business dinner, and it was a blast to eat salad at the pizza parlor after the big game when I was in high school, and apparently I was frivolous when I watched my hair fall out from yet another very low calorie diet.

I went on-line after the show ended and found that there are over 4 million sites that are willing to tell you that your weight problems are due to your not being serious. How insulting (not to mention puerile) can you be?

But back to our Golden Girls – of course, their gym experience was a disaster…in the end, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose decided to go to the event putting their best face forward, dressed to the nines. And I decided to give up “getting serious about weight loss” and living a life that is full and healthy and not out of balance – where laughing and fun are in abundance – oh, and btw, then I lost weight.

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