Get Moving with Exergaming

Today’s post is from our other ACE FITNESS INTERN Jessica McMillan.  Yes, we’ve had two Jess’s here for the last few months.  Makes it easy when you have a tough time remembering names like I do.  (Dont take it personally, Jess.  I have trouble remembering my husband’s name sometimes.)  Anyhoo, Jess M. is here today to talk to us about having fun with video games, but doing it off the couch.

Exergaming gets video game buffs out of their seats and moving. But it’s not just for them — it’s now popular among people who have never played video games before.  You don’t feel like you’re working out; you’re having fun!  Plus, they’re great for rainy or cold days when you don’t want to get outside.

In 2006, Nintendo came out with a Wii game system with acceleration detection.  Xbox just came out with Kinect, which doesn’t even require a remote.  There are so many games you can play with these systems, including really fun dance games like Just Dance. They also have all kinds of different sports games featuring summer and winter sports.

Wii Fit is a program that helps those who want to keep track of their progress.  It includes everything from yoga to kickboxing.  It keeps track of your progress and even reminds you if you missed your workout.  It’s like having your own personal trainer at home.

For those of you who don’t like the idea of a “workout,” give exergaming a try.  You can play most of the games with partners which makes them double the fun. You could even host an exergaming party to enjoy fun active games with friends.

So mix it up and instead of just watching television, get interactive.  Try exergaming!

Have you tried exergaming?  What are your favorite games?

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