Fun Summer and Fall Exercise that Doesn’t Include the Gym


Above all, at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we want to help women who struggle with their relationship with food and their bodies. We strive to give you new perspectives on what true self-care means. Break out of the box of traditional exercise and explore the world around you while moving, seeing and experiencing the wonder of exercise beyond the gym.

Consider the way you move. Is it for pleasure or do you force yourself to run, walk or try a yoga class because you feel as though you should? Try our approach and begin moving for the pleasure of it.

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We can help you begin to shed old beliefs and attitudes that hinder well-being, and transition into a new way of thinking that fits you and your body best.

No one at Green Mountain better exemplifies this way of thinking than our long time Fitness Manager LynnAnn Covell. LynnAnn has inspired so many women to move over her years at Green Mountain. Listen to her below to hear how she encourages you to experiment with a different approach to movement that serves you best because we know every BODY is different.

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