Fried Food Everywhere and Not a Thing to Eat!


How much fried food can a person eat?

Travel to the U.K. on a budget and you might just find out. On a recent trip to Scotland, my sister and I were thrilled to partake of fish and chips again and again…until we just couldn’t anymore. So the Scots found a winner in fried fish. But does that mean that you should eat it for lunch and dinner for a week straight?

It’s sort of like the McDonald’s diet in the film Supersize Me. If you eat enough of it, you’re going to feel sick. For a while, we figured “When in Rome.” Then, in an attempt to diversify our menu, we ordered salads, where in the more traditional establishments meant a hearty coleslaw.

The Scots don’t use the term sandwich, either. They just call it mayonnaise, which should give you an idea of the grease factor. Egg mayonnaise, prawn mayonnaise, chicken mayonnaise. Pair that with the copious amounts of beer we consumed (Hey, when in Rome) and you’ve got a less than healthy vacation.

But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Upon returning home, I was especially delighted to see veggies on my plate. In fact, it taught me a great lesson: Never take your greens for granted!

Have you ever been on a fried food bender? How did it make you feel?


4 responses to “Fried Food Everywhere and Not a Thing to Eat!”

  1. Cindy says:

    I just watched a great little documentary over the weekend, called King Corn. It’s not so much about grease, as it is about America’s current bent to eat cheaply, albeit not so well, and I guess ultimately another look at ‘you are what you eat’. I guess the only relevant thing I have to say is, the film (which I enjoyed), definitely made me appreciate that I’ve learned to better balance my food choices and no longer eat any type of food to excess — fried or not.

    BTW, authentic fish and chips=delightful! ;-P

  2. Gina says:

    Nice, I need to experience something like that. Could you have ordered the fish and chips unfried? Or would they have starred at you and laughed?? haha, I would have attempted that one probably!

  3. Sagan says:

    I went on a grease/fried food bender this past weekend. Too many fries and burgers. My stomach is only starting to feel back to normal today (it felt like a ball of grease the past few days!). But, we DO sure appreciate a good salad after eating that kind of crap 🙂

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  4. julie says:

    Unfried fish and chips? Maybe in a more expensive restaurant, you can get baked fish and a baked potato, but I can’t imagine those places have options other than deep fryer and the griddle.

    I feel quite gross after more than a meal or two of fried or even just heavy food. My digestive system seems to shut down as well, and I need to eat a bunch of salads (green, not mayo’d) to feel normal again. I detest mayo, might have a hard time in the UK.

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