Four Things I Learned At Green Mountain At Fox Run


After living, participating, and working at Green Mountain at Fox Run for three months, my time here is coming to an end. This time next week I will be on my way back to Memphis to start the next phase of my life. Leaving Green Mountain will be a bittersweet experience for sure as I’ve grown comfortable here and come to call much of the staff and participants my friends. But everything in life has its time and knowing how and when to move on is a positive trait. I’m not sure what comes next for me, but I’m positive that this experience was one of the best I will have.

I’ve learned a lot while living here in Vermont. I’d like to share a few of those things with you.

Getting out into nature is vital. There are a lot of hikes, walks, and adventures out into the woods and mountains of Vermont on the schedule here. Every day there is an opportunity to spend at least some time outside exploring the world. At home I would easily say it’s too hot/cold/rainy/windy/cloudy for a walk outside. I let excuses stop me from enjoying fresh air and exercise – two things my body desperately needs. After spending three months here walking in EVERY kind of weather, I don’t think that will be a problem any longer.

Exercise is fun. To be honest, I already knew this one. I’ve been active a long time. But this is one thing that most women who come here learn and it is a joy to watch them do it. I appreciate the moment where they realize they don’t need to be scared of activity and moving their body. It is freeing and can be fun, something a lot of us forget to appreciate.

Mindful eating is important. If I’ve learned anything here that I wouldn’t have figured out on my own, it is the mindful eating part. This concept was almost foreign to me, but now it seems second nature. I am constantly thinking about how I’m feeling and whether or not I’m hungry or full. This process has helped me cut back on portions and control calories better than making arbitrary rules ever could. Our bodies know what they need and if we listen we will figure it out.

Asking for support is not a bad thing.
For some reason, a lot of us feel like we have to do everything ourselves. This is just not true. We are not dumber, or weaker, or anything else for seeking out professional help when we need it. Women who come here are not taking an easy way out or admitting they can’t do it on their own. They are saying, “I want to do this on my own. Help me.” And that is an amazing and strong thing to do.

I’ve learned a ton of other things here and experienced so much. I’m thankful for the experience and that I was able to share it for others. Thank you all for that opportunity!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Mary, it was great having you with us. We couldn’t have a better embassador of the program going out into the ‘real world’. We’ll miss your blog posts, but I look forward to keeping up with you on your blog, which is always a great read.

    Best, best, best to you in your future endeavors!

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