Foodie Friday Video: Preparing Healthy Balanced Meals


You made it a New Year’s Resolution again this year: Eat more balanced meals. If it’s not working out as you planned, you may want to look at your strategy. Green Mountain registered dietitian Robyn Priebe walks us through one of her favorite tips for preparing healthy meals if you are stretched for time: batch cooking and freezing.

Batch cooking and freezing is an effective strategy for easy healthy dinners. For instance, making a pot of vegetable soup or vegetable casserole and then freezing individual-size portions ensures you’ll be stocked with an array of healthy foods that only need to be heated before eating.

In addition to vegetables and whole grains, Robyn has suggestions for pre-cooking and freezing other foods you may want to eat frequently, such as legumes, hot cereal or beans.

As a bonus, Robyn walks us through the equipment to have on hand and how to organize your newly stocked freezer. Bon appetit! (Email viewers, head to the blog to watch.)

3 responses to “Foodie Friday Video: Preparing Healthy Balanced Meals”

  1. Rachel Peterson says:

    Thank you, Robyn, for guidance on how to make healthy eating so much easier and convenient for those of us who really WANT to eat better but always feel pressed for time at the end of a work day!

  2. Balanced diet plan is the most important part to get the good health. Having good nutritious diet plan is the most essentail part to have good health. You have given the good recipe to have healthy diet.

  3. PhotoMyDiet says:

    Freezing is key. I often batch cook but don’t want to eat left overs all the time so freezing really does the trick. And if what I cooked is healthy and easy, well that’s a recipe for success.

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