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Going to a food and wine festival may seem like an unlikely place to visit if you ‘re trying to reach a healthier weight, be more mindful about food choices, control portions, eat mindfully all the while trying to tune into your intuitive self. But, the idea that you can get out, walk around for as many hours as you can stand it, to sip endless varieties of wine while eating scrumptious bit size samples of regional cuisine and still work within the perimeters of a healthy eating and exercise plan is exciting!

Not to mention events like this provide you another opportunity to socialize, meet new, interesting people within your community who share a passion for food, wine and all things delicious. These are all good enough reasons, in my book, to consider Googling some such event in your area.

This weekend I had the good fortune to visit the 26th Annual Sonoma County Wine and Food Showcase, at the famous MacMurray Ranch and Winery (as in Fred MacMurray who owned the home as a fly fishing retreat for over 50 years), which featured the best wine and food this country has to offer.

In this part of the country, perhaps more than many others, there is most definitely an affinity for healthy eating and organically grown produce. What I was reminded of this weekend, was how fantastic fresh produce is and how interesting and delicious it can be when prepared with respect, vision and love.

This year’s event sampled some of the best wines in the world, from at least 120 Northern California wineries accompanied by the culinary talents of over 50 chefs, featuring natural and organic foods grown locally. Boy, was it hard to pass up some the gorgeous looking concoctions, in fear you’d pass up something even more enticing just around the next corner.

If you don’t drink wine, events such as these also provide, endless varieties of teas, juices, delicious all natural blended drinks, spring water or just about anything else your little heart desires. The summer is slipping by fast. Try to get out this year and enjoy what your communities have to offer, I think you’ll be glad you did.

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