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I thought it would be interesting today to look back over our last five years of blogging to see what we posted each year on this date.  Never mind that I couldn’t come  up with something particularly newsworthy to talk about.  But it was interesting to see the pattern of our past years’ posts.

On this date in 2005, the year we began A Weight Lifted, our then blogger Gina, a person with diabetes herself, railed against invasion of privacy of people with diabetes, and by extension, anyone needing compassion and thoughtfulness to help them navigate our healthcare system. Don’t know what came of the “modest proposal,” but the theme is certainly one we continue to hear.

On July 26, 2006, I blogged about studies that were examining the impact of diets rich in carbohydrates on type 2 diabetes.  Of course, the carbs we’re talking about here are from grains, fruits and vegetables, not the highly-refined kind that don’t contain the different nutrients that are important to helping our bodies process carbohydrates.

In 2007 on this date, we gave you a healthy recipe that contains tart cherries, which are a  source of powerful antioxidants that can help tame chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is at the root of most of the chronic diseases afflicting Western societies these days, including type 2 diabetes.  Not that we have a theme going here….

In 2008, we didn’t post on July 26, but the next post also discusses type 2 diabetes.  Definitely a theme, it seems.  This time it was about a gene that affects how the body burns sugar, and a gene that it seems half of us have.  The good news is that it doesn’t predestine us to get the disease.  A healthy lifestyle can prevent that from happening, which is a subject we’ve talked about for years at Green Mountain and are making an even bigger point of in our new Food as Medicine classes.

Last year, we posted about our upcoming special program for managing polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS.  That’s another problem that for many women involves insulin resistance like diabetes does.  The good news again is that a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference.  We’ve got another special program to manage polycystic ovary syndrome coming up in November.  Our regular program is great for PCOS management, too.

So that’s it. Five years of blogging on A Weight Lifted, during which it seems like we talk about insulin resistance a lot.  Which isn’t surprising as it is a big problem for people today, part of the problem that is called metabolic syndrome.  A  healthy lifestyle is the way around that, and that’s something our program at Green Mountain is tailor made to help women with.

What will you do today to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, or keep it going?

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