Finding Fitness Moments during the Holiday Season


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It’s a common theme during the holiday season:  “I have so much to do, how will I ever stay with my fitness plan?”  It’s true; we commonly overcommit ourselves during this time which means, for many of us, that we turn self-care into a luxury instead of a priority.

If keeping your healthy weight loss program going is an overall goal, there’s another commonality during this time.  Experts agree that we will do better by putting weight loss goals on hold; just aim for maintenance.  Given that many of us gain weight during the holidays, preventing holiday weight gain is a step forward.
But back to the fitness issue.  Our most recent FitBriefingRun, Run, Rudolph” gives some timely tips for keeping your fitness program going right now.  Experts agree making a holiday fitness plan is key to succeeding.  A snippet from the article:

Making a Holiday Fitness Plan

First step: Add fitness to your “To Do” list.
Second step: Re-work your goals – are they realistic? Think maintenance.
Third step: Acknowledge you have to be flexible because you have less time available.
Read the whole article (it’s short) for strategies for making or keeping fitness part of your life during busy times.

3 responses to “Finding Fitness Moments during the Holiday Season”

  1. I’m all about maintaining right now. I’m running a bit more than normal though so that I can have more of my favorite treats. 🙂

  2. Erica says:

    Your post is very helpful! A lot of people go on major guilt trips during the holidays and feel like failures when they indulge a little bit. That takes away from some of the joy of the season! Just changing the mindset for a little while and working on maintaining is a great suggestion.

  3. blackbv says:

    Thank you for for your submission to the blog carnival.

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