Fitness: Yoga for Peace of Body and Mind


This is the time of year when things seem to begin to spiral out of control.

The Start of Holiday Stress

Stress builds with the approach of the holidays, visits from family and friends, the end of the work year, making travel plans, and of course the many celebrations centered around food and drink, making mindful eating difficult.

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As I began thinking about my own personal quest to try not to let my fitness and health slip during these few months, I landed on the idea that maybe it wasn’t just my body that would need the extra attention.

Create A Personal Fitness Plan

During one particularly busy semester in college – two jobs on top of seven classes – I created a very acute fitness plan for myself. Every day I carved out 30 minutes somewhere for a yoga session, supplemented only with my daily treks across campus.

Aside from keeping me in shape, I was more focused and clear-headed than ever before, even with the many responsibilities I held.

Try Stress Reduction Workouts

With stress being a major contributor to a wide array of health problems, a workout that creates peace in the body, mind, and spirit might have far more benefits than one may think.

This holiday season, why not couple a workout with some major stress reduction? Try bringing some peace to your body and mind with yoga!

2 responses to “Fitness: Yoga for Peace of Body and Mind”

  1. healthy aging says:

    Thanks for sharing this post! Very helpful. 😀

  2. SueK24 says:

    Excellent info! I’ve been practicing Hatha yoga regularly and find it’s given me both physical and inner strenght and a much calmer and centered feeling overall.

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