Fitness Video Series: 5 Great Thigh Exercises For Every Body

This video is the second in our fitness video series with LynnAnn Covell – Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Fitness Manager and L.I.F.E. Coach!

LynnAnn has been a leader at Green Mountain for over 20 years. In these videos, she uses her extensive experience working with all fitness levels to share both tips as well as specific exercises and modifications to either jump-start an exercise program, or add variety to your current routine.

In This Episode…

In this episode, LynnAnn takes us through 5 great thigh exercises in 5 minutes, including:

  • 5 exercises that target important muscle groups in the thigh
  • Stretches to practice between exercises for each muscle group
  • Important tips and modifications to make these exercises and stretches work for (almost!) each and every body

One response to “Fitness Video Series: 5 Great Thigh Exercises For Every Body”

  1. Dana Pelletier says:

    Well done LynnAnn. You spoke clearly, and went slow enough for me to fully understand and start on my own. Hope to meet you some day

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