Fitness Friday: When Your Fitness Motivation Takes a Hike


How do we reclaim our fitness motivation when it disappears or goes for a long hike?

I’m writing today’s blog post as much for myself as anyone else. I had a few injuries this year that caused me to temporarily give up some of my favorite ways to exercise – most notably Zumba and hiking. I’m still dealing with those injuries. As a result, my level of activity has decreased significantly.

I know there are other things I can be doing, but truth be told, it’s been hard. I haven’t felt the same level of fitness motivation since my back and achilles tendon started acting up. And I know that I love to exercise, which makes my lack of motivation even more confounding.

I’ve compiled some of the best motivational tips from our fitness team members over the years. There are some great reminders in here. I am going to take these tips and place them strategically around my apartment and office for inspiration.

6 Tips to Reclaim Your Fitness Motivation

1. Start small and make it fun. Try bowling or horseback riding, just to get moving. If you enjoy it, maybe you’ll want to do more. This weekend I am going to the apple orchard to pick some Honey Crisp apples – and search for a wooden apple.

2. Do something you love and make fitness a part of it. I love to read. The next book I “read” will be an audio book so I can listen to it while I walk.

3. Be gentle with yourself. I am really trying to show myself compassion instead of getting angry. What good will that do? Criticism never motivated anyone.

4. Start with stretching. It only takes five minutes to move from your head to your toes. Take time to focus on areas that have been aching and stretch deeper and for a longer duration. You will feel better. Check out our YouTube video on stretching.

5. Remember how quickly our bodies can transform. And I don’t mean grow a 6-pack. I mean how quickly after we start exercising we feel better and can do more. In four weeks as a Green Mountain participant, I went from barely making it through a Zumba class to seriously thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor. I will feel that way again.

6. Start a Meet-up group. If you need others to motivate you or keep you accountable, start a meet-up group for an activity you love. You’ll meet new people and get moving.

I hope these help if you’re going through a rough time. I promise I will report back next week on how they helped me. I would love if you would share your tips for other women who may also be struggling currently.

2 responses to “Fitness Friday: When Your Fitness Motivation Takes a Hike”

  1. Cindy says:

    Something that has always helped me (no matter what shape I’m in) is I simply tell myself that all I have to do is start. I can quit 5 minutes in if I want to…but I never do. All I have to do is put my seat on that bike, or walk outside that door.

    I think when you put enough of those experiences into your data bank, the next time you feel less than enthused, you quickly remember that it may not sound very good right now, but you know from ‘experience’ that your feelings will quickly change once you get going.

    Has anyone else ever noticed that some of the best workouts happened when you went in HATING the idea?

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Cindy. I like that. I actually walked to Buttermilk Falls today and it was really nice. I didn’t want to go, but once I was doing it, there wasn’t anything else I would have rather been doing.

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