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finish line for running raceFollowing the Olympics, I saw dozens of athletes who inspire me. Missy Franklin – what a phenom! Gabby Douglas – did you see her on the balance beam? Usain Bolt – do I even need to say anything?

But my real fitness inspiration, or fit-spiration, is someone just like you and me. In fact, you might know her. She’s part of the Green Mountain customer support team and used to be a participant herself. Her name is Linda Downing.

Linda is my fitness inspiration because she is a true intrinsic exercisershe does it for how it makes her feel. She exercises because, at 55, she likes to surprise herself and see what her body can do. On any given weekend, you will find Linda taking a hike, biking, walking, or swimming. Most recently, she did a sprint triathlon, swimming 1/4 mile, biking 6 and running 3.

Sometimes, Linda will coerce me into some of these activities with her, including a 44-mile bike ride in Cape Cod this summer. Usually, I will resist at first. And often, I might whine during (not sure how she puts up with me). But afterwards, I am all smiles. As Linda wisely reminded me recently… “You will never say ‘I regret going for that hike/ride/swim, etc.'” And, she’s right, I never do.

I think everyone needs a friend like Linda – someone to remind you that fitness is fun. To show you that you can probably do more than you think you can! Thanks, Linda, for being my fit-spiration!

What or who is your fit-spiration?

5 responses to “Fitness Friday: My Fitness Inspiration”

  1. Nancy says:

    Go, Linda!!!!

  2. My fitspiration is myself. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come, and how good I feel when I get my heart rate up.

  3. Timmy says:

    I just love the passion these athletes bring to us. They inspire others by their intense desire for success as well as their love for the sport they play in.

    • Victoria says:

      Definitely Steve Silberberg, of I met Steve in 2003 when he was forming his guiding company – “Fatpacking”. As in, “send your fat packing!” He envisioned taking moderately overweight clients on spectacular hiking vacations to change body composition. It’s amazing and it works!! His company has now grown to 10-12 trips a year all over the US. He’s just added a trip to Patagonia in December. He has also changed the name fo his company to “Fitpacking” to help with marketing his business.
      Steve has been an inspiration for many people to get out and work hard to change not only your body but the way you live. You’re amazing, Steve!
      Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Karen says:

    So proud of you Linda! Keep it up!

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