Fitness Friday Video: The Right Way to Breathe During Exercise


Does this happen to you, too?

During strength training classes, when the instructor tells the class to inhale, I find myself exhaling and vice versa. I knew that there had to be a trick to remembering how to breathe properly during exercise, so I asked Green Mountain at Fox Run senior fitness specialist LynnAnn Covell for a few tips.

First, she emphasizes that proper breathing during strength training really is important because your muscles are working hard and need oxygen. Then she gave me an easy way to remember how and when to breathe:

EXhale on the EXertion

The key to proper breathing is to exhale during the most strenuous phase of the movement and inhale during the less strenuous phase. Many of us just completely hold our breath while we exercise.

Take a look at today’s video to ensure you can “breathe easy” from now on and help your muscles do their job.  (Email viewers, go to the blog to view.)

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