Fitness Friday Video: How Do I Stretch This Muscle?

Why is it that I can barely remember how to stretch my muscles when I’m doing strength training on my own? I would bet that I’m not alone here; stretching seems to be something we want to hurry through or just skip all together if no one is watching. And it’s not just that we don’t want to take the time, it’s hard to remember if we’re even doing the right stretches.

In today’s Fitness Friday video, LynnAnn demonstrates a very easy way to remember how to stretch each muscle group. When we’re doing an exercise using flexion, which pulls a joint toward the body, then we want our stretch to be an extension, which pulls the joint away from the body. Vice versa, if we’re doing an exercise using extension, then we want our stretch to be flexion. We always want to use the opposite movement to stretch a muscle.

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Keeping this flexion-extension trick in mind is a good idea: Stretching continues to pump blood to and give full range of motion to a tight muscle and prevents soreness. Let us know if you have any of your own tricks to help you remember your stretches!

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