Fitness Friday: Choosing the Right FitBall


Those of you who have been to Green Mountain at Fox Run know that a big program focus for us is to help you take what you’ve learned home for continued progress towards healthy weight management. From our “Dazzling Dressings” cooking class to our Aerobic Circuit Blast cardio class, we aim to provide strategies and solutions for making lasting lifestyle changes when you leave us. Despite our best intentions, however, we know it’s impossible to remember everything. In fact, we hear several times a week that our guests wish they could take our staff home with them for instant access.

So, we periodically feature videos from many of the popular fitness classes at Green Mountain.  Can’t remember if you’re doing your abs right?  Can’t remember how to properly stretch a muscle?  No problem.  You’ll be able to download us in your living room.

This week, LynnAnn Covell, our senior exercise specialist and longtime leader of many popular fitness classes at Green Mountain – such as Cardio on the FitBall® – is going to give you a quick overview on how to choose an exercise ball that fits you.

Enjoy LynnAnn’s Fitness Friday tip and have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the article. Not many people realize how important it is to have the right exercise tools.

  2. Lindy says:

    Friday is the fly day of employee. Curricular activities has been done for their daily routine. Be able to have perfect fitness in the gym after work. To have companion in your family.

  3. […] When I got to Green Mountain as a participant, the exercise ball made an appearance in many fitness classes. We used it for bicep presses in “Morning Momentum” and in “Balance Basics.” We sometimes used it for lower-body strength classes. Then there were classes solely based on using an exercise ball – “Cardio on the FitBall®”and “PowerBall.” (Watch our video on how to choose the right FitBall). […]

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