Fitness Friday: A New Year, A New Stretching Routine

If you’ve been to the gym this week, you’ve probably noticed it’s a lot more crowded than the last time you were there. It’s a new year and people have renewed their commitments to working out. If you are one of those who’s starting a new workout, it’s important to make stretching part of your routine. Stretching before — and especially after a workout — increases flexibility so you can move better and helps prevent injuries. Today we’re sharing a video of our tried-and-true Green Mountain stretches. Follow this routine each time you work out and you’ll be surprised at how little you muscles soreness you feel the next day.

(Email viewers, head to the blog to see the video.)

Have a fun & fit weekend!

One response to “Fitness Friday: A New Year, A New Stretching Routine”

  1. Wow those stretches really did surprise me at how little my muscles weren’t sore like normal. I did your recommended exercises after the gym last night and they worked a treat. I had to come back here and let you know!
    Cheers, Ali

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