5 Ways To Have Active Family Fun


Enjoy Family Moments During Active Fun

Baby Daughter and Father “Workout” Video Goes Viral

lilly ann workout videoThis adorable video showing a Tennessee dad, Michael Stansbury, mimicking his 6-month-old daughter’s “workout” has gone viral.  Dubbed “The Lilly Ann Workout Plan,” the video is wonderful to watch because it shows a loving father and daughter just having silly, active fun. Michael, a father of four, filmed Lilly Ann on his iPad after she started treating her family to her fitness demonstrations.

“She does them all the time,” he said, adding: “You put her on the ground and she’s up, and then she’s down, and she’s making those little sweet noises and we just love it.”
~ from CNN

Don’t be fooled, though — it’s actually challenging!  But who cares when you’re having such a great time? And that’s the key to family fitness: having FUN.

5 Family Fun Activities for a Healthy Lifestyle

 1. Plan a Fun Active Hobby or Daily Activity After School

Make and fly a kite, create a scavenger hunt, or bat around a balloon to see how long you can keep it in the air.  One favorite in our family is to play ‘lava’ where you take cushions and pillows off the couch and try to hop around the room without touching the floor.

2. Create a Family Park Day

Try going to different local parks and changing activities.  Maybe one day it’s walking the dog and biking the next or exploring a new hiking trail.

3. Volunteer Together

There’s actually a science behind giving. Studies have demonstrated the positive emotional impact of volunteerism on the giver in terms of increased self-esteem and the release of natural ‘feel-good’ hormones. Find out what’s going on in the community and lend a hand or let the kids decide how they’d like to contribute.  Maybe it’s making cat nip cat toys to give to a local shelter or having a car wash to fund a charity.

4. Pass On A Classic Play-Ground Pastime

Whether’s it’s Kick the Can, Touch Football, or Capture the Flag, you don’t need a lot of equipment play these games, and you can adjust the rules to suit the age group.  Find out how to play these fun active games and a bunch of others at bluearth.org.

5. DIY Entertainment

Have fun getting creative.  Try making up a dance, skit or song.  You can also look for karaoke versions of your kids’ favorite tunes to sing.  Or, learn together how to make a home movie or parody.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll go viral, too!

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