Fitness: Adults can now take president’s fitness test


Honestly, I only vaguely remember the fitness test I took in school.  But I’m positive that I never received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.

Well, now I have my chance to take the test again.

On Wednesday, and adult fitness test was publicized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The test consists of exercises that millions of students undergo in order to earn a certificate signed by the president.

“What were trying to do is inspire and motivate Americans to move their bodies more,” said Melissa Johnson, executive director of the council. Johnson added that the test has become available due to the many baby boomers who repeatedly asked the council for a way to gauge their current fitness.

The Fitness Test

Aerobic fitness, muscular strength and flexibility are the three categories which make up the test, which is appropriate for Americans who are in good health and 18 or older. Here is a summary below:

  • Aerobic test: a one-mile walk or 1.5-mile run.
    The run is only recommended for people who currently run for at least 20 minutes, three times a week.
  • Strength: Push-ups and half sit-ups.
    The push-ups are done until failure. The sit-ups are done for one minute.
  • Flexibility: a “sit-and-reach” text measures flexibility.

What’s Your Score?

Enter the results of the test online along with age, gender, height and weight to calculate the final score. You won’t earn a certificate, but you’ll find out how you rank among others your age.  But don’t worry about the competition.  Try taking the fitness test once for a baseline and then compete against yourself in a month or so.  It’s a great way to create a fitness goal and stay motivated!

“The point is to do consistent, regular physical activity and these are good check-in points to see how fit people are,” Johnson said.

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  1. MizFit says:

    I posted about this last week (thurs?) and thought it would be a throw-away no comments post.

    I was so wrong.

    looks like the gym teachers of america (and abroad!) hath scarred the masses.



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