Ask First Lady Michelle Obama Not to Appear on The Biggest Loser


That is, ask her not to do it again.  Yes, she’s already appeared on The Biggest Loser (TBL) once.  And is scheduled to do so again in November.  Here’s why the Binge Eating Disorder Association and have mounted a campaign to ask Mrs. Obama to rethink this bad idea.

The approach promoted by The Biggest Loser causes people to gain weight, not lose it. 

  • It’s the old diet approach that has people ignoring their hunger, which distorts our appetite regulatory system, the physiological mechanism that has evolved to guide eating for well-being, and can do it very well if supported.

It humiliates and shames people who live in larger bodies. 

  • It’s commonly thought that making people feel bad about themselves will motivate them to change.  The truth is the opposite – when we feel bad about ourselves, we feel defeated.  And those of us who use food for comfort, well, you know where feeling defeated leads.

The Biggest Loser is entertainment, not health care. 

  • People who struggle with weight deserve thoughtful, caring help, based on what science tells us and what those of us who have worked in this area for years know truly helps people.

 Mrs. Obama’s appearance on this show sends the message to the millions of people who continue to be misinformed about how to best manage their weight that TBL is the right approach. 

  • Nothing could be further from the truth.

What You Can Do

Head over to for the details, which include a petition to sign, links to research that shows the damage the approach causes, a letter that was sent yesterday to Mrs. Obama, and the call to action.

Maybe one of the most effective things you can do:  Call the office of the First Lady and share your concerns – 202-456-1414.  I did it yesterday – it’s easy.

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