Fiona Apple: Is Her Weight Anyone’s Business?


Fiona Apple is one of my favorite female artists. Very rarely do I click on any of the headlines from my MSN home page, but seeing that she had fans commenting about her health status during one of her recent shows piqued my interest.

Apparently, mid-set the fan yelled out “Fiona get healthy, we want to see you in 10 years.”  It seems the fan expressed concern about Apple’s health based on her appearance, perhaps concern over whether or not Fiona Apple was at a healthy weight.

While I will admit that the recent photos I’m seeing of Fiona Apple do present the picture of a very thin woman, but she has always been thin.

Her body may or may not be at her healthy weight, but one cannot make that call simply by looking at a person.  All too often people make judgments about lifestyle and health status based on appearance and weight.  Someone isn’t falling into the “normal”  range on a BMI chart, then the assumption is something is wrong with that person.

However I’ve met plenty of people who take very good care of themselves, have very healthy lifestyles, gorgeous lab work, are disease free, and do not have a body weight that is considered “normal” on charts, via calculations, by societal standards, and certainly not according to what the media shows us to be ideal.

We cannot judge a person’s health status solely by appearance.  It’s only one factor among many that can be an indication of health status.

Referring to the title of my post, who’s business is it anyway?  Do you think Fiona Apple takes medical advice from fans?  What was that person trying to accomplish by yelling out “get healthy” at one of her shows. Did they really thinks that she’d feel inspired and go home and make a bunch of changes to how she takes care of herself?  My question is, when is it OK to comment on someone’s health status, weight, appearance? It certainly wasn’t cool to shout it out in the middle of a concert while the person’s reaction is on display. It may not be OK to do it one-on-one or in private either.

Although I feel bad for Fiona Apple, I hope this situation helps call attention to the harm that can be done when people take the liberty of making comments to one another regarding health and weight.

I think, in most cases, it’s best to mind our own business and what someone else weighs usually has nothing to do with us.  Especially when comments about weight tend to trigger the opposite response of what’s intended in many cases. It’s not a way to be supportive.

Have you found comments regarding your weight to ever be a motivator for positive change?  Have they ever had the opposite effect?

3 responses to “Fiona Apple: Is Her Weight Anyone’s Business?”

  1. Elgpa says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have grown absolutely weary of reading about/seeing other people take the liberty of pronouncing what someone, particularly a woman, should or should not do to meet their own projected perception of what is “healthy”, “normal”, or “attractive”.

    I would never survive in that world (fame/celebrity). It’s difficult enough just being an ordinary citizen of earth, but to be under such scrutiny by fans and the press? No thanks!

    Fiona Apple is a stunner. And I’m speaking only on her vocal and musical ability. Her song “Extraordinary Machine” kills me every time.

  2. Robyn says:

    Hi Elgpa, I agree; I cannot imagine the pressure regarding appearance that celebrities must deal with. It’s hard enough being a dietitian! Funny you mention “Extraordinary Machine,” I’ve been listing to the album a lot this week and was thinking that some of the lyrics in that song were appropriate for this situation Fiona Apple is dealing with. “Be kind to me, or treat me mean. I’ll make the most of it I’m an extraordinary machine.”

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