Finding Your Fitness Bliss


Goddess_cards_1Gina posted her views on trying to find the joy in physical activity – the way we did when we were kids.  I loved her post and agree with her wholeheartedly.  But I must admit I find it hard sometimes – especially in an environment like my local gym. 

Everyday I walk up to the entrance to my gym and pass a red faced compatriot on their way out and think, ‘you lucky bugger…you’re done!’  Now, I ask myself, is that any way to look at my new physical fitness routine? Not a lot of joy there…

When I enter my gym, I’m usually greeted with expressions that are not unlike those of inmates working on a chain gang.  A crowded room full of sweaty grimaces, huffing and puffing their way to the end of their workout.  I know there are plenty of people who love going to the gym.  I just don’t happen to be one of them.  Unfortunately, due to an injury, I’m going to be there for a while. So, I look at it this way, the gym is a great place to get fitter IN so you can eventually get OUT. Because I’d rather be hiking up a beautiful Vermont mountainside, or playing a game of tennis with my friends, than be cooped up with 50 sweaty people I don’t even know. 

Bottom line, participating in physical activity I enjoy allows me to work out in the name of pleasure and fulfillment. I don’t want to involve myself in exercise for exercise sake anymore. I don’t think that’s where it’s at. But I do appreciate that the fitter I get, the more things I can do that I actually love doing.  And that’s worth hitting the gym for. 

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