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When you’re looking to add anything new or important to your life, you certainly consider whether that someone or something is going to suit you. When looking for something as important as a new house, a car, or picking out a new pet, you make sure they feel like a good fit, right?

So why not do the same when you’re looking for a new fitness activity? Too often we don’t consider what we really like to do, or what kind of a person we really are. Do we love adventure and the outdoors? Do we prefer to be around other people? Perhaps, you need a lot of structure and a routine.

It’s not often you find me quoting celebrity fitness trainers on this blog, but Grace Lazenby, a well known LA fitness trainer and founder of Move With Grace has an interesting point of view about exercise. She says, “If it doesn’t suit your personality, it won’t work. You’re not likely to stick with something that cramps your style.”

The trick is finding the workout that really suites you.

From an article by Amy Paturel, these are the personality types Grace outlines. For fun, maybe you can see yourself in one or more of these ‘types’.

Wild Child: If you crave new experiences and excitement, outdoor workouts may be best. Try hiking, canoeing, or tennis. If you like to walk or run, take a different route, and change up your pace and the terrain along the way.

Social Butterfly: If you’re naturally gregarious and love to be around other people you’ll more than likely thrive off of the enthusiasm that can often be found in a gym or in a class like water aerobics.

The Silent Type: If you want to keep it on the down low and get your head together while you’re working out, perhaps take a long morning walk or try something new like cross-country skiing. Each of these provides ample time for self-reflection. If you want a more spiritual connection in your workout you may choose yoga or Pilates.

Task Master: If you love structure and plans, scheduled workout sessions and routines may be a more natural fit. You can stay in control by leading yourself through a cardio or strength-training workout than taking guidance from a fitness instructor. You are in control of what you do, when and where you do it.

Some of these suggestions may or may not work for you, but the idea that you should try to suit your workout to your personality makes a lot of sense to me.

Source: Amy Paturel
Article: Know Your Workout Personality

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