Finding New Measures of Success: Beverly Shares More of her Story


We’re pleased to share how Beverly continues to do, seven weeks after her stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run. If you missed her first post post-Green Mountain, check it out here.

My life seems to be divided between ‘Before’ and ‘After’ my week at Green Mountain at Fox Run.  Before, I would be on the digital scales every morning stripped naked and anxious to find out if the number had moved down by so much as one-tenth of a pound.  My outlook on life would be controlled by that number.   Today, I allow myself one weigh-in a week.

I am much more interested in those other measures of success they talk about at Green Mountain.  Have I gotten in my cardio for the week?  Have I thought about whether I’m actually hungry or using food to ease the loneliness, frustration, anger, anxiety that are part of every day life?  Have I put down my fork or spoon between bites to actually enjoy the taste of the food?  Pre-GMFR, I always had one bite ready before the other was finished.  I was big on swallowing, not chewing.

This week, week #7 after leaving Ludlow, I have:

  • Increased by one pound the weights I’m using for the upper body resistance training.  Our muscles need to be challenged to get stronger and burn more calories.
  • Yesterday, I went for a 35-minute fast walk and threw in seven separate one-minute jogs.  First time in a long time for this person who once ran 10Ks.
  • I clocked my 86,890th meter on my rowing machine since coming home.  Before Green Mountain, it was a dust catcher in the basement.  Now, I use it to do my cardio when the weather is frightful.  And it is a great way to get my heart rate in my “training range.”  My goal is to row one million meters before my 66th birthday.
  • Checked in via email with LynnAnn Covell, Green Mountain’s fitness maven, about using a treadmill. For some weird reason I thought she didn’t like them.  She does, both for low- and high-energy days.  We all have both.
  • Added Roasted Vegetable Lasagna from the GMFR cookbook and Jon’s rosemary lime vinaigrette to my cooking repertory.  The food at GMFR is terrific and this is a good example of healthful eating.  My husband – a man of decided tastes – liked both.
  • Focused on putting down my fork or spoon between bites.  Eating more slowly gives me a chance to enjoy my food and deciding if I want more or if I am satisfied.
  • Realized that my good pair of trousers is not nearly so tight.

Compared to these measures of success, what is a number on the scale?

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