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healthy-weight-week-posterChange your thoughts, change your life

We’ve all heard that.

Finding your healthy weight depends on knowing all sorts of ways to stay balanced and nourished, even beyond what you eat or how you choose to move your body. But what we think and what we tell ourselves also impacts our emotions.

I heard Dr. Christiane Northrup, a well known holistic medical doctor tell a large audience that every thought changes our hormones, our biochemistry – every single thought.

Therefore it’s worth investing in creating new thoughts. And you don’t have to believe them to have them begin to impact your nervous system and relieve some of the depression and anxiety and to rewire your brain. You may not even be aware of the repetitive beliefs you tell yourself day in and day out (or usually more frequently).

You might want to use affirmations, if you’ve never tried them, or take another look at adding them to your self-love repertoire even if you have.

Affirmations are statements that are designed to inspire more positive feelings or to help shift you from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings into those that better serve you.

Just think more positively?

Maybe the idea of using affirmations seems silly, or too phony, or too new age-y. It can be hard to trust that just saying things differently to yourself might change the way you feel. It can seem like slapping a “happy face” on things, like a cover up.

Simply put, daily affirmations train your brain to think positively; they are uplifting truths you want to believe and good-feeling convictions about yourself or the world as a whole.

What we tell ourselves has huge impact. We tend to believe what we think about, and what we think about tends to be highly repetitive.

Here are some sample affirmations. Choose any that appeal to you. Try them on, experiment, change them to suit you, and continue to create some that are just-right for you.

I know how to make choices in each moment that transform my body

I have the power and clarity to change my body every day

I love and accept my unique body

I deserve love and care

I am guided in every moment

Everything I seek is seeking me!

I comfortably trust my body’s wisdom

I release all that does not serve me

I can choose peace in any moment

I can live in freedom and ease in the present moment

I trust myself to take the next right step

I trust myself to stay the course

Because our brains can only think one thought at a time, when you find yourself ruminating in ways that don’t feel good, you can feed your brain something better to think about. Let it “chew” on a well-constructed affirmative statement instead of the negative self-talk that it’s stuck on.

They give you something much better to say to yourself, which if the affirmation is well crafted allows you to shift the way you feel.

Many of us understand that what we think about creates more of the same. Thoughts or affirmations are points of attraction because of the emotion they create. To receive more that is good in your life, it helps to create more good feelings – real ones.

Start by choosing statements that aren’t too far of a reach for you.. or that at least feel comforting or soothing when you say them, even if you don’t yet believe them.

This is about reprogramming

You don’t necessarily need to believe the words, especially at first. The goal is to think “better thoughts” on a regular basis so that you can feel better even before things actually shift.

Have fun with this, and go easy. Start to notice your pattern of negative thoughts, and then try replacing the common ones with a positive affirmation. It can feel a little silly or robotic initially but as you stick with it you may notice yourself feeling better, as the negative thoughts decrease which then lessen the anxiety or depression that go with them.

Affirmations can be one of the most effective ways to proactively and permanently change the way you think.

  • Sometimes it’s easy to start with the repetitive beliefs that you know are taking up space…Make a list of them.
  • What are some possible alternatives to these… Reframe or neutralize or turn around those beliefs.
  • What do you WISH you could believe about yourself instead, even if you don’t yet believe it to be true?
  • Sometimes it helps to think about how others see you to come up with positive statements.
  • Or- if you were looking at your younger innocent child-self, what would you say/believe about her? Could you use any of these feelings/views as affirmative statements?

You can write as many affirmations as you want but it’s helpful to have one or two that really click for you so that you can use them without having to “dig” for them when you need them.

Remember repetition is key

Go easy with this… let yourself play with creating statements that help you feel a bit of relief.

Another tip is to use affirmations, or just imagine more of what you want for yourself, in the time before you fall asleep. Studies have shown that what is impressed on the subconscious mind before sleep has a powerful impact.

Let affirmations be a new way that you inspire, love and nourish yourself as you move toward your own healthy weight. I want that for you.

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  1. Chris LaSalvia says:

    Thank you! I needed this perfect reminder today. As I read it, I felt a feeling of peace flow through me, and I used the same intonation we used at GM. ahhhhh! I will post this in the teacher’s lounge. 🙂

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