Fight Weight Stigma with Pleasure


In our classes at our retreat that explores issues surrounding weight loss for women, we talk a lot about connecting the mind and body.  It’s one of the best ways to bring yourself back into the moment to understand what kind of nourishment your body really craves when you want to turn to food for comfort.

When you are feeling negative about your body, and judging yourself because of your weight, try tuning into the many different pleasures you can experience in your body.  They can be anything from eating a delicious piece of fruit — yes, continuing our innate connection to the nourishment that is food — or turning elsewhere to find pleasure, such as relaxing in a warm bath or taking a short walk and reveling in the breeze on your face.

This short video from Darla, our behavioral psychologist at Green Mountain, may help bring this home to you.


These types of activities can ground you, help you embrace the moment and the self, and help bring you back to a place of body appreciation.  They’re more ideas we offer to help you deal with the negative effects of weight stigma, as part of our series this week in honor of National Weight Stigma Awareness Week.

What pleasures can you experience today?

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Stepping outside the house after dinner for a breath of fresh air and a mist of some light rain and finding a beautiful rainbow as a bonus, that was fun !

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