Feeling Fat? Visualize Your Way To Healthy Thinking


Visualization is a powerful tool to make change happen.  Many women have a picture in their mind of how they want their body to look.  This picture almost always includes weight loss. Their self talk is critical, demoralizing and can include self hate.   “If only I could  think myself thin rather than obsessing about food and weight” they might say.

By decreasing negative self talk rather than focusing on losing pounds, you can start to let go of the heaviness in your heart and head.  So maybe the thin thinking doesn’t need to be focused on the body, but the mind.

Visualization is a way to increase positive self talk through your imagination.  Like your breath, which is a tool we have with us all the time for stress management, your imagination is with you always.

Use visualization to change your thinking,  decrease negative self talk about your body and create a space of your own in your mind’s eye.

Here’s how:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • Imagine a point of sunlight right behind your eyes and create a room or space that you would like to inhabit
  • Notice the detail: the colors, the sounds and smells, the furnishings
  • Lighten your load by relaxing into the moment -let the negative self talk go

Spend as much time as you want in this soothing place. When you are ready to come back, take one or two deep breaths and gently open your eyes.

How could you use this tool take the pressure off of yourself and allow a calming space in your mind?

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  1. Donna says:

    Have you heard of The Gabriel Method? It is total mind-body and is heaviliy linked to visualizations that change our bodies chemistry and thus the way our bodies process stresses. When our “Fat Programs” are switched over to our “Thin Programs”, we lose weight and keep it off. Jon Gabriel did it! We can too!

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