Fed Up With Binge Eating


Fed up with the antics and politics of the people at work. Fed up with relatives. Fed up with computer problems. Fed up with out of control eating. Meaning – you’ve had enough, too much, which paradoxically leaves you feeling empty. The literal meaning of being “fed up” is being sated with food, where you might go when you’re fed up with other parts of your life.

The wisdom of the English proverb:enough is as good as a feast eludes you. You eat more and more and more until your body’s discomfort tells you that you’re fed up.And, you still feel empty.

What’s next? Perhaps withdrawal from social stuff. Isolation can perpetuate binge eating. But, maybe, just maybe food is not the solution to the problems you feel fed up with.

Look at it this way – you know when you’re fed up with things in your life. Good sign that you’re paying attention but what are you going to do about them? It may be time to evaluate how emotional eating may trigger a binge and explore problem solving as  a tool to prevent relapse.

Step away and assess what might be going on underneath the binge.

Step up to the problems that trigger your eating.

Step down from the stress that can be exacerbating the emptiness.

These steps to problem solving are sustainable substance for the soul.

  •     Notice: Look at what is working and what is not working
  •     Assess: What is one thing you can experiment with doing differently
  •     Implement: Take the action, change the thought, make a new plan
  •     Re-evaluate: How is it working for you now? Are strategies changes required?

The emptiness is looking to be filled up.  By exploring  what are you fed up with you can start making changes one small step at a time.

What are you fed up with?

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Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

If you’re looking for an embodiment of dedication disguised as obsession, look no further. Marsha is a registered dietitian who has spent the last four decades working to help women give up dieting rules and understand how to truly take care of themselves. Her mission in life is to help women learn to enjoy eating and living well, without worries about their weight. She encourages women to embrace their love of food, which you might call being a foodie. If so, it’s appropriate because being a foodie means you pay attention when you eat. That’s a recipe made in heaven for eating well. Marsha is the President and Co-Owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run.

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