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Recently I realized that when I say “at Green Mountain at Fox Run we meet you were you are at” – that it’s very likely that few understand my meaning. Let me explain.

Somehow in our technofabulous world, we’ve accepted the notion that there is an “expert” for everything – and that they have all the answers. I’d rank this falicious assumption in the top ten of “things gone wrong” in our culture, as its roots spread like tentacles into all our thought patterns.

The Sheep Are Right! From where I sit (overlooking Okemo Mountain at Green MIm_an_expertountain at Fox Run), this idea of looking for an “expert” seems to be the number one idea that has seeped into women’s brains, which has lead them to not trust themselves and their bodies, which exacerbates the problems that they were looking to the experts for help! That’s a long sentance, so let me be more concise – success comes by learning to become your own (intrinisic) expert, not by having someone (the extrinic expert) tell you what you need to do.

HOW many times have I read how the latest self-elected and media endorsed “expert” has found what no one else has about weight loss (ie YOUR body), and they will tell you (because in their world, you can’t possibly know what you need) how to “do it”!! All you have to do is obey what the master says!!!!

Yeah. Right. Like Cher said, “if a great body came in a bottle (or by listening to you, Guru of the Moment), everyone would have one.”

What’s important to remember when looking at all the “success” stories that back up this new one-size-fits-all-cure is that you’re seeing someone that was “successful” (does that mean losing weight? or does it mean being fitter? or does that mean feeling better?) for a moment in time, when they were doing exactly what someone else told them to do…what you don’t see is someone that has become a competent eater, intrinsic exerciser, or useful thinker.

So back to “meeting you where you are at”…think of it this way. Green Mountain has worked with women for 35 years. These 35 years has confirmed our founding theory – we’re not the experts on your body, you are. We acknowledge that your expertise has been dulled for many reasons – mostly by other “experts.” The program experience is that of honing ones skills and health behaviors…you learn, you practice, you get better at the behavior of eating well, moving well, thinking well! You have now recognized your own expert – you!

Here’s an example that shows how a “one-solution (external) expert” solution falls flat in the face of the true expert (you).

Issue: There are times when I’m motivated to exercise, but I never do. Why?

My Problem identified:  I get defeated looking for and setting up the equipment, unrolling the mat, finding the dvd that I want to use, finding the weights, etc, etc.

Answer that works for me: Move collection of fitness dvds, videos, and equipment (all of it) to where you would actually use it (living room, den) where a TV, VHS or DVD player is available (and you have room). Learn how to run your electronic equipment – if “popping” in a dvd amounts to a 3-hour struggle with cables, AUX in, and a blue screen, you won’t do it.

Issue (same one): There are times when I’m motivated to exercise, but I never do. Why?

My Problem identified: I find that I have 15 minutes here or there, and I’d like to do something, but really, what’s the use.

Answer that works for me: Identify and eliminate the all-or-nothing mentality in your thinking. Learn the facts! Your opinion is that 15 minutes won’t help, the fact is that 15 minutes of movement does make a huge difference in your metabolic health and mental outlook. Get double-duty (and support) from your wardrobe – wear natural fabrics that look good and will breathe during exercise, and shoes that you can really walk in and look good. Then you’re prepared to sneak a walk in anytime, and can do so without having to change clothes before and after – a serious exercise-killer for everyone.

Here’s the really important part…if you can’t pull all this together by yourself, do not chalk it up on the list as something else you couldn’t do (and by the way, why do you still have that list?!). Sometimes our intrinsic expert is too busy to sit down and figure this out without intervention (ie an immersed environment where your job becomes you).

If you wanna be your own expert – especially when end of year thoughts are at the forefront of our minds, along with holidays and “resolutions” – but need some help getting it together for the “real world” visit us and get your PhD in you…it will be different this time.

Make this year your year.

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  1. AmyKate says:

    Hey Gina, thanks for the great reminder. I know I’ve been tempted to “follow” what the latest self-proclaimed diet guru has to say about diets. Your post really hit a home run for me! Now I don’t feel so baaaaad about myself! Thanks for always encouraging us to feel good, where we are!

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