Exercise Your Right To Feel Good Again


When it comes to starting an exercise plan, I’m not sure what’s worse, beginning for the first time or picking it up again after a long separation….which more than likely ended up in divorce.  Either way, it’s no cake walk.

As first-timer’s, it’s a challenge just deciding where to start. What kind of exercise should we try?  How long and how often do we do whatever it is?  Should we join a gym …and what does one wear to the gym these days?  Will we have to endure the leers of 20 something’s with their washboard abs and perfectly toned arms that don’t jiggle when they wash their hair? Then there are the shoes. What kind of shoes for heaven sake?  Cross trainers, runners, hiking, walking or aerobic?

And let’s not forget those of us still feeling the sting of our recent fitness divorce. Sitting around reminiscing about the good old days, when we could run faster than a speeding train and leap tall buildings. How will we every get to that level of fitness again?

After all these years of going round and round with diet and exercise I know one thing for sure. While I’m mulling all this over in my head, I’m not getting any younger, my heart isn’t beating any stronger and unfortunately my arms aren’t getting toned all by themselves.

The truth is, no matter what our fitness level is today, we are where we are. And that’s a good place to be. Whether you’ve never exercised a day in your life, or you once completed the Boston marathon, you’re on the verge of change.  Changing for the better.

So, dust off the old tennies, grab your favorite tunes and hit the pavement, because we can only start where we are.  Imperfect perfection.

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  1. May says:

    I am struggling reconnecting with excercise after our relationship “fizzled out”…it was a slow and imperceptible separation…but my 40 pound weigh gain and my stooping shoulders have informed me that I must try again, with bravado and force, to reconnect with working out. I travel every week for work, now in countries where the heat makes it dangerous to do a lot of even moderate excercise, and outdoor activity is VERY limited. I have been on the road for six weeks now and am wondering what to do for excercise. My body is begging for it because it wants to feel better…the horror of seeing pictures of myslef these days was also a real eye opener….I have my spry tube with me…it’s the cardio that is a problem….

  2. CeBe says:

    Hi May. Welcome to the blog and congratulations for taking steps to meet your fitness and weight loss goals. First of all, the international travel coupled with intense heat is enough to create a legitimate feeling of lethargy. I feel for ‘ya! However, asking yourself to jump into fitness again with ‘force and bravado’ might be an unrealistic expectation.

    Setting unrealistic goals for ourselves is a sure path to failure and disapointment. Building strength and stamina doesn’t happen overnight and is just as important for creating a positive frame of mind as it is for developing a fit body.

    Whether its a lack of facilities, good weather, a safe environment, or just a crack of dawn wake up call, the truth is, you’re traveling and that means creating a different exercise strategy. Give yourself permission in advance to change your routine. Calling your hotel ahead of time gets you thinking about what exercise might be possible and how to prepare for it. What facilities do they provide, if any? Can they make a suggestion where you might work out? This way you can plan what to bring.

    Consider creating a workout at home to build strength and stamina and then learn a ‘traveling version’. When I was traveling I had a favorite aerobic routine I’d done so many times at home that I knew it by heart. I could do it without the tape – as long as I had a walkman and my favorite tunes to keep me goin’! I also like to walk and hike, so I had other exercise options when there were limitations.

    Make a ‘traveling exercise kit’, to take along on your trips. Workout videos you enjoy, just in case your hotel has a VCR. (Low impact aerobics and/or beginning yoga, will build flexibility, strength and provide terrific aerobic benefit). A yoga mat, your spry tubes a walkman and some great fitting atheltic shoes. Give yourself choices, if possible, so you don’t get bored. If you’re more of an adventurer, walk briskly through your air conditioned hotel, up one flight of stairs, down your hall and then back again. Just tell yourself that your goal is to ‘move today’, even if it isn’t the way you normally do or use to. You’d be surprised how your body will respond. Your heart and muscles have a memory like an elephant and they’re very forgiving!

    When you have a choice, choose activity. Recruit a buddie and walk a couple blocks to dinner instead of taking a taxi. Go shopping or siteseeing – just for fun. You’re working your body and that’s success. Try looking at your current fitness level with some forgiveness and optimism. Start where you are and I guarantee you will feel better and stronger for it.

    Stop by again and tell us how you’re doing. Good luck!

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