A Gentle Mindset to Fitness Resolutions in the New Year


Honor the Body You Have Today” is one of my favorite sayings you’ll hear in my fitness classes here at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Today’s media often conveys “no pain, no gain” messages to keep pushing yourself further and further physically during your workout.

Instead, I like to remind our program participants that many factors can affect your workout.

5 Factors That Can Impact Your Workout

1 What you’ve taken in nutritionally.

Your energy and performance can be affected if you haven’t fueled up enough, or if you’ve eaten a large meal too close to a workout as your stomach may get upset.

2  How well you’ve slept.

If you’re tired and recovering from a sleepless night, your body and mind will be more sluggish. Although exercise increases your energy, your best bet might be a lower intensity walk versus a high impact aerobics class when you’ve had a tough night.

A relaxing stretch class can also soothe tense muscles.

3  If you’ve exercised the day before.

Recently, I was on the leg press machine one day, and felt my knee tweak.

In my younger days, I probably would have continued with the exercise, even though it bothered my knee. However, this time I took a moment and realized that my knee might still be recovering from the run I took the day before.

I got off the machine and continued with other exercises that didn’t bother my knee. Your body will inform you when you need to take a break.

4 If there’s a part of your body that needs healing.

A lot of women who come to Green Mountain learn how to continue (or begin) an exercise program by learning how to modify for torn rotator cuffs, knee replacements, back issues, etc.

For me, when my plantar fasciitis kicks in, I will choose to ride a bike for my cardio rather than taking a run or hike. Not giving up the workout completely, but choosing a different type of exercise or adapting my routine to take care of the body part that needs rest.

5 If you’re under any stress.

We all know exercise helps reduce stress, and some find that working up a sweat helps let go of anxiety while others find a calming walk in the woods can bring a mindful perspective.

Other times, our activity may feel impacted by the attention we’re paying the stressors of the day.

For example, if you’re taking a yoga class, you might find it a little challenging to meditate during a stressful day. That’s okay – just acknowledge that you’ve got a lot going on and do the best that you can for that day.

I encourage you to find compassion for the body you have today, and listen to all the messages it sends you, modifying your fitness routine as life comes your way.

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  1. Janet Lewis says:

    All great advice. Other than abs, I always try to exercise different muscle groups each day to allow some time for the muscle tears to repair. But just like some days one feels invincible, other days I have to remind myself that even a light workout is better than none, and ease up on myself.

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