Exercise for Every Body: Exercise Modifications That Work


Many of the women who come to Green Mountain at Fox Run face orthopedic and other issues that create problems when it comes to regular exercises.

Enter LynnAnn Covell, our Fitness Manager and L.I.F.E. coach. She’s renowned among our participants as an exercise modification queen (as well as an entertainer extraordinaire — if anyone can make you laugh in the middle of a strength training routine, she can!). In this video, she demonstrates the most common modification requests she receives from our participants. Whether you’re trying to tone your arms, legs, chest or core, she’s got you covered.

Exercise Modifications That Work

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  1. Yana Kimelblat says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise Lynn Ann! You are the best and I truly miss working out with you at Green mtn. When I first came to the retreat over a year ago I needed a lot of modification. My body hurt and I had trouble getting down to the floor. Thanks to your genius modifications there was nothing that I couldn’t do. You just helped me to move my body in a way that worked for me. I still utilize some of these great moves! I am forever grateful for your expertise, kindness and great sense of humor:-) Yana K.

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