Every Day Celebrations


I very much enjoy being flesh and blood, a real woman, so I’m not big on the idea of comparing myself to goddesses (or anyone else – more on that later), but I very much like the sentiments expressed by the greeting cards at Goddess Cards.

No comparisions – just feeling good, celebrating the moment as welll as being “lovely, luscious, opulent.”

I’m posting next week about women comparing themselves to others, only to feel worse and worse about themselves. Interestingly, the Goddess Card site has an article about loving your body – while it explores the relationship between women, society, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders, it has plenty of relevance to women that do not have eating disorders, but rather disordered relationship with food, eating, and their bodies.

Have a good weekend celebrating the lovely, luscious, and opulent.

Picture courtesy of Goddess Cards

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  1. Christine says:

    I was so happy to see a mention of Goddess Cards – I have been aware of Anne (the designer) work for some time and her talent is enormous and her words and visual images of body love and acceptance are so important. In a society bombarded with such narrow defintions of beauty her work and words are an inspiration and a call to us all to stop beating ourselves up and love our bodies!

    Christine Hartline, MA
    Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center

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