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This weekend I’ll be running in a 5K.  I haven’t been in a race since 9th grade and I’m a bit nervous about it.  Now, this is no marathon that I’m talking about running, but it’s just the fact that it’s a competition that makes me nervous.  Why would I subject myself to this then?  Because I think having an event to prep for is going to help me stay on track with my running.  Once this is over, I plan on registering for more events.  I’m hoping I will be less nervous over time, but also hoping that it will help me keep up with my cardio.

It’s not unusual for people at our healthy weight loss spa to state that they’ve attempted to eat better or exercise more to get ready for an event.  Sometimes it may be a sporting event, but more often it’s a social event: wedding, party, reunion.  The event comes and goes and the motivation is gone and the person returns to old less-than-healthy habits.  Events alone will often backfire as a motivator for eating well or exercising.  Events come and go or can be skipped at the last minute.  Having a wide variety of reasons for eating well or moving increases our odds of sticking to new healthy habits.  In addition to getting ready for a race, the other reasons I like to run are:

  • I feel a sense of accomplishment after each run
  • I see improvements in my ability to do other heart-pounding activities throughout the day
  • I do enjoy a good runners high
  • Being outside in the sun improves my mood
  • Running helps with regulating my appetite & sleep patterns
  • I’m less likely to engage in unhealthy habits when I’m consistently active

Have you used events as a motivator in the past?  Did it work for you long-term?

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