Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need


Emotional eating plagues most of us who struggle with weight.  It’s often about feeling guilty that we ate something we thought we ‘shouldn’t.’  Or it’s about not doing the exercise we thought we ‘should.’  Or it’s about feeling bad about our bodies, thinking we’re just not up to snuff.

But sometimes we don’t know what it’s about.  And that’s often because we don’t give ourselves the time (luxury?) to spend delving into our feelings.  We don’t know what we’re feeling, so we don’t know what we need.

Our most recent FitBriefing on emotional eating reviews three questions that dietitian and healthy weight loss expert Laurel Mellin recommends we use to discover our feelings and then figure out what we need to satisfy them.  Read more about it here.

The last question is about getting support, asking ourselves first if we need it?  I’d venture to say we always need support, because sometimes the support we need comes from us.  And of course, valuable support can come from others.  Whichever way, support can help us look at things differently and do things differently, then ultimately feel differently.  Not so easy to do, perhaps, but well worth the effort.

One response to “Emotional Eating: Getting the Support We Need”

  1. Cass says:

    I am an emotional eater! I turn to food for all emotions; happy, sad, lonely, bored, etc.

    I have thought in the past I didn’t need support, I could get control of myself by myself and have found that just isn’t so. I NEED SUPPORT! By starting to blog and reach out to others I’ve really felt a difference, an outlet.


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