Fitness Friday: Embarrassing Fitness Stories


katie with fitness hoola hoopOne goal of our program is to help participants see that fitness can be fun by trying all kinds of activities – hooping, swimming, hiking, dance, you name it. But, did you know fitness can also be funny?

Today, we’re sharing our most embarrassing and funny fitness stories for your amusement, starting with one of my very own.

This summer, I was the swimmer on a sprint triathlon team – my first race ever. At “GO!,” everyone went running into the lake full speed, for as far as they could, before taking the plunge and swimming for their lives.

Well, I had never run full-speed into the water before (I generally don’t run full-speed ever), but got caught up in the excitement and competition. When I could no longer touch bottom and had to start swimming, I was already completely out of breath! I never could get my breathing down and had to breast stroke the entire race. Lesson learned: Your pace is the pace!!!

Read more from other Green Mountain staff:

“Back in the heyday of thong leotards and high-impact aerobics, during one of the classes I was teaching I did some kind of vigorous and enthusiastic crossover hand-to-foot maneuver, kicking my own hand really hard and breaking my thumb. Wanting to be the ‘consumate professional,’ I finished the class.”

-Barbara Meyer, PhD, Program Director

“When Green Mountain used to have a raised platform in the studio for the instructors, I was doing a V-step during a class and stepped completely off the stage. I fell and then rolled underneath the platform. I stayed there for at least a minute before I popped up – I was so embarrassed.”

-LynnAnn Covell, Sr. Fitness Specialist

“At a resort in Mexico, I was teaching one of my first Zumba® classes and memorizing my routines was still a challenge. We get to the 7-minute Cumbia, the routine I was dreading the most. Halfway through the song, when the hardest part was finally over and I felt a huge wave of relief, the power went out. I had to run into the pitch-dark jungle where there were snakes and other things to fix the generator. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I finally figured it out and sprinted back to the studio. The people in class wanted to start the song over, so I had do the dreaded Cumbia over from the very beginning – again!”

– Kate Nolte, Fitness Specialist

Do you have an embarrassing or funny fitness story? Join in the fun and share!

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