Eating Too Much


healthy eating plate of fruit and vegetablesIt doesn’t happen often, but on occasion I can find myself uncomfortably full.  I hate the feeling and it always surprises me when it happens, since I’m not used to that feeling.  Ironically, in my past, eating too much and being stuffed to the gills was my norm.  It’s interesting how binge eating can create such a disconnect with how we feel physically while eating.

Everyone’s idea of “full” is probably different. Also, our own idea of “full” can change over time.  Keeping portions relatively consistent may help one recognize comfortably full, versus looking for  that “stuffed” feeling before we stop eating.

Now that my idea of fullness is more normalized.  I don’t need an extreme stretch to the stomach to tell me that it’s time to stop eating.  I think overeating robs a person of the joy of eating.  Allowing ourselves to be mindful as we eat,  it can feel good while you are eating and afterwards.

Have you found that your idea of full or satisfied has changed over time in response to changing your portions?  Do you think it’s possible to condition yourself to overeat via large portions of low calorie foods?

3 responses to “Eating Too Much”

  1. Susan Bewley says:

    Its very hard learning to find that point where you are comfortably full. once you find that balance though I think food becomes much more enjoyable because you can slow down. I have found though that that my portions are getting smaller as my full point is changing.

  2. Robyn says:

    Great tip, Ben. I also like using a beverage as a closure habit, especially a hot beverage. Susan, I agree, hunger is easier to identify than comfortably full. A bit of trial and error and paying attention goes a long way in determining what comfortably full is for each of us.

  3. donnaandtora says:

    Excellent post! We all know that eating is the best activity in our lives but always remember that eating too much can cause health problems, so get rid of it before its too late. Back in my younger days, I love to eat so much but when my friend shared some tips on how to control my eating habit, since then I learned to manage my appetite.

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