Holiday Eating Without Overeating

Eating the Best, Leaving the Rest

If you’ve tried to follow popular low carbohydrate diets, you’re already well acquainted with carbohydrate cravings. Add a few holidays that just aren’t the same without traditional carbohydrate-rich foods, and you may feel like you’re doomed. And that’s not a feeling you want at this wonderful time of the year.

So how do we make it through the holidays without caving in to cravings?

How to Avoid Caving into Cravings:

  • Give yourself permission to eat carbohydrates. It’s sort of a basic fact of human nature – if we think we can’t have something, we want it even more. If we can have it when we want it, it loses some of its appeal. What’s more, carbohydrates are critical for well-being! Even though today’s popular diets tell us we need to cut out carbs, it’s really not a good idea. Instead, learn how to eat them in a way that supports our health and well-being. See “Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Lead to Weight Loss Success” and “Carbohydrates & Insulin Resistance: Finding a Happy Medium” to learn more.
  • Eat mindfully. Stay in touch with how you feel and how the food tastes as you eat it. That way, you’ll better know when you’ve had enough. The food will lose some of its taste appeal, and if you go too far beyond that point when it doesn’t taste as good, you’ll likely begin to feel like you’ve, well, gone too far. See “How Much Is Enough?” and “Here Come the Holidays” for some good holiday eating strategies.
  • Eat regularly. There’s no substitute for regular, balanced meals. They’re the foundation for eating well. They give your body the support it needs to be able to tell us when we’ve had enough of different types of foods. That includes holiday carb-packed foods. It’s also common sense if you come to an eating event really hungry, you’ll eat more than if you’re just pleasantly hungry.
  • Move regularly. Ditto for its effect on your ability to eat well. Your body is meant to move. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t work quite as well – and that affects all its functions, even how it ‘talks’ to you about the foods it wants. See “Five Tips for A Fun, Feel-Good & Fit Winter.”
  • Manage your stress. What would the holidays be like without stress (we’d like to find out!)? Calm yourself — remember that this is a time to be enjoyed. Your friends and family will likely enjoy a happier you more than a perfect meal or gift. Read “Party Hearty without Putting on Pounds” for a little insight into putting yourself first at this time of year.

Happy Holidays from Green Mountain at Fox Run!

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