Eating Out of Control & Hopeless


Hopelessness can lead you down the path of inactivity and which leads to sinking roots into the couch.  Food becomes the panacea, the escape mechanism, the food addiction.

Obsessing about what to eat next, using food to cope with emotional upset and feeling out of control with eating increase negative self talk and feelings of hopelessness.  Many women come to Green Mountain with this burden of discouragement.

Hope can be found at Green Mountain.This reminds me of a quote a participant shared with me yesterday….

Jean Kerr’s great quote “Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent” speaks to what we are looking for…movement out of hopelessness.

Three Hope-Inspiring Tips

  • Feed yourself well every 3-5 hours
  • Move your body in a fun way…put on some great music while you are getting dressed and shake your booty
  • Drink your coffee/tea with mindfulness and let your taste buds ignite one sip at a time

Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of Internal Family Systems therapy, talks about himself as a hope merchant. Hope is a motivating force for the women who come to Green Mountain. They might  find Zumba for the first time ever and start to feel alive, decrease their negative self talk and use the plate model  to choose their food instead of counting calories and ruminating about weight.  Green Mountain is a hope hiatus from the bleakness of feeling out of control.

May a glimmer of hope spark your imagination.  Which Hope Tip will you experiment with today?

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