Eating Healthy – Come On, Spice It Up!


Sure, we’re all busy, and having quality time to prepare delicious meals sometimes seems like a concept ripped right out of the pages of June Cleaver’s diary – something most of us can’t relate much to these days. Complicating the issue, is the fact that we’re all trying to eat healthy good tasting food that won’t bore us to tears or be a pain in the neck to prepare.

I say, why not throw caution to the wind and begin thinking with a more culinary mindset? Summer provides us with wonderful fresh vegetables and fruits and an opportunity to grill out of doors. I was at a graduation BBQ this weekend with lots of the summer’s delightful food, grilled salmon, chicken, corn on the cob and other roasted (on the grill) vegetables. Wonderful fruit salad, watermelon and strawberries.

Here’s what I noticed, being outside sets the stage for a more esthetic and mindful eating experience. Everything just tastes better outdoors. I highly recommend if you live in a climate where it isn’t too hot or humid, get out of your kitchen this summer – all your 5 senses will thank you.

So, how can we make food taste better this time of year? Try experimenting with some interesting rubs, marinades, spices, salsa and salad. Whenever I experience different cuisines, it reminds me how using seasoning and interesting cooking techniques can make food taste wonderful and still be very healthy (think Indian).

Here are a few more recipes you may want to play with, if you want to take yourself on a new cooking adventure. Cin! Cin!

Salsas     Salads

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  1. Damien says:

    Oh totally 🙂 My favorite healthy BBQ food is fish. You can either grill it straight up, or wrap it in foil with some lemon, garlic, herbs and spices. There’s so many spice combinations you can try…lose it!

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