Eat What You Want for Lasting and Healthy Weight Loss


If only it were true!

Well, here’s some good news: it is!  Yes, you can manage your health and weight successfully and eat what you want. In fact, at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we firmly believe that eating what you want is a critical step to putting an end to what for many of us has been a lifelong struggle with food for weight loss success. But, you say, if I eat what I want, I’ll eat nothing but candy bars and French fries. Maybe that sounds good at first, but if you examine your real “wants,” you’ll likely find that you really do desire more than just the pleasure you get from the taste of rich foods. You want well-being, too. And consistently overeating rich food doesn’t feel good.

Deprivation Buries Your Desire For Well-Being

The trouble is, if you don’t let yourself have what you want when it comes to getting pleasure from food, your desire for well-being gets buried under feelings of deprivation. If you’re faced with the urge to eat a candy bar, but you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t have it, then that’s all you can think about. You can’t move to the next step and think about whether you really do want the candy bar in light of your health and weight goals.

The Key to Healthy Weights: Moderation In All Things

It’s important to be clear, too, that when you eat what you want, your decision won’t always be to forgo the candy bar (or whatever food or beverage or amount it is that you previously felt like you shouldn’t be eating). You will still sometimes want the candy bar. That’s normal – managing your weight and health doesn’t require elimination. Instead, it’s moderation in all things, and realizing that what’s “good” for you varies from situation to situation. Sometimes the best choice is the candy bar. Other times, it may not be. But that’s for you to decide…not some diet or other regimen that dictates what’s right for you.

The Healthy Eating Challenge: Letting Yourself Eat What You Want

If you’ve already been to Green Mountain, let this serve as a reminder that you are the best judge of what’s right for you at any one time. But to judge effectively, you may want to put the challenge of letting yourself eat what you want at the top of the list of obstacles you want to overcome. Because, as many of us know too well, deprivation generally leads to overeating, whether it be the amount of a food you eat at any one time, or the frequency with which you eat certain foods that may be counterproductive to reaching your goals.

How Do I Start Managing My Eating and Weight Healthfully?

If all this sounds good, but you’re not quite sure how to start putting it into practice….join us for a week or more at Green Mountain. Our program focuses on helping you put the joy back into food, eating and life while successfully managing your health and weight.

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