Eat, Move, Think


In simplest terms, the basics of a healthy lifestyle are changing the way you eat, changing the way you move, and changing the way you think.

For most of us that have decided to “start our diet on Monday” we succeed in temporarily changing the way we eat, might increase our activity, but rarely think in a new way. And if we try to think in a new way, it is usually just another “tape” that we put on in our heads that is equally unhelpful. For example, the “new” thought processes might be, “I’ll never eat ice cream again because I don’t want to be an ugly whale” or “Look how virtuous I am now – how can anyone enjoy eating ‘unpure’ food?”

I’m going to cut my verbal wanderings short today, so that you can read all of this article titled, “Achieving Weight Loss Success By Changing Negative Self Talk.

Peaceful living to all.

One response to “Eat, Move, Think”

  1. Terry says:

    I agree that losing weight doesn’t not equal to burning more calories than you take in. It has something to do with the change of the whole person.

    I think it helps by looking back at the time when we were slim and examine the life we had back then. Were we calmer, more optimistic or less stressful? Did we have more sleep, better relationship, or more job security? Losing weight should be about working on the whole package, kinda like a holistic approach.

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