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Cutting back on highly processed foods is a common topic of discussion at Green Mountain. One beverage that many of our participants at Green Mountain are working on moving away from is soda.  I personally would like to drink less of it too.

Oh, soda, I have to admit I find you delicious.  After marrying my husband, there was a point where it was a staple in our house.  Personally I had never been a huge soda drinker until I started living with one.  Ironically after working with a naturopathic doctor in an attempt to get off chronic use of heartburn meds, my husband is making the effort to drink less soda.

I had waged a war on the soda in our home a couple years earlier via purchasing a seltzer maker in hopes that this would help cut back on his soda drinking.  It did not.  As is the norm, he needed to hear from someone other than his dietitian wife that soda was playing a role in his ailments before he’d make a serious effort to give it up.

While I’m not willing to give up soda completely, I do sincerely want to use less of it.  Soda, especially diet soda, is just a concoction of chemicals in carbonated water.  It’s not food.  I don’t feel any more comfortable sucking down 20oz of regular sugar soda either.   So what’s the best way to move away from soda consumption?  Here are a few tips I’ve been working with:

  • Use a carbonator to make seltzer which I flavor with citrus extracts, SMALL amounts of strong juices (cranberry, grape, blueberry, cherry) or lemon/lime wedges
  • Keep water in the fridge so it’s ice cold – I’m more apt to drink it from the fridge than the tap
  • Keep cold tea prepped in the fridge – I use one tea bag for a large mason jar
  • My next plan to is to make an effort to bring water with me when I leave the house so I’m less tempted to buy a soda when I’m out and thirsty – I’ll need to investigate the best beverage holder that will keep it ice cold and not involve plastic

What tricks have you used to cut back on your soda intake?

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