Does This Make Me Look Fat, continued


Talk about coincidence! I got this email from a friend shortly after I wrote my last post cautioning against starting down the road of comparing which leads to a dead end and crash.



PS – Amy is feeling much better now, having gotten her perspective realigned after a few reminders of what she has accomplished, and how she’s changed. Just goes to show that it’s always a process and a practice – wouldn’t it be boring if everything was perfect?



“Hello To Everyone!  Hope all is well!

I’m having slight melt down.

Well, it has been well over a year since my visit and I am very happy with my progress – and I feel more confident and healthy.  I’ve lost over 40 lbs. and now am weighing in about 140 (I’m about 5′ 3 and am fitting into basically a size 10.)

My husband has joined in the fun on the road to good health alongside with me.  I’d like to just lose 5-10 more pounds and get to be a size 8.  We have been exercising by walking and biking about 3 to 5 times a week and every other day for the past two weeks we have been doing the wonderful GMFR upper body and lower body workouts.  We have also been eating healthier- I basically grocery shop around the perimeter of the store and am getting a lot of fruits, vegetables, meats, and the organic section. We like it and have felt like we have so much more energy and don’t feel like we are starving ourselves or like it’s a diet. So, yay for us!  Except…

…this weekend we went to visit his friends in the city – his friends have beautiful, skinny girlfriends – both girls size 0!  Ugh, man!  And it was very hard for me to be comfortable with my body. I know I’m a real woman and I do like my curves but it was still a little disheartening for me as we took pictures together and I reviewed them on the screen – it was hard noticing that I was the biggest girl.

Well, to make things worse – we completely went off the deep head and ate pizza, got stuff from the stands on the streets, bagels, stuff with lots of salt on it and we drank a lot of sweetened ice tea and alcoholic beverages and hardly any water – not to mention on the way home we stopped and ate donuts!  So we arrived back home tonight and I put on my normally comfortable p-j pants and they were so tight – I looked in the mirror and literally saw a huge bulge from my stomach – and it’s not just the lower part of my stomach it’s started at my waist.

I am guessing that I’m just bloated…I’ve been bloated many times but never this much!  I just am amazed how quickly that my body could have changed.  I’m disappointed in myself for not having more control this weekend but I’ll get over that…I guess I just need some reassurance on not letting this weekend ruin our new healthy routines and/or some helpful hints of how to avoid blowing up like a balloon!

Thanks – Happy Summer – Amy”

2 responses to “Does This Make Me Look Fat, continued”

  1. Lori says:

    What is it about pictures that drives us off the deep-end. I can be feeling on top of the world and then a picture is taken – and with today’s digital cameras – you instantaneously see the picture. The first thing I do is compare myself to the other folks in the picture. Or I start thinking “I look so fat”. Maybe we should ban all cameras ;>)

    I’m glad to hear that Amy worked through this.

  2. Gina V says:

    I don’t know what it is about pictures either – not that we don’t look in the mirror, but is there something that looks so flat and unlively that we don’t recognize ourselves? It is tough though if you let it get to you…

    Best, Gina

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