Does Healthy Eating Include Pickles?


When I was cleaning out the frig yesterday, I noticed a monster jar of pickles – empty except for a lot of pickle ‘juice’ and two lonely spears of just what happened to be my favorite pickle. Wanting to open up the frig space for something else, I decided to finish off the pickles at lunch, putting a nice finishing touch to what I considered delicious healthy eating.

So imagine my horror when I read this web page about the dangers of pickles. (If you’re at all fed up with nutrition insanity, you have to click on this link.)

Okay, it’s a joke. Pickles really aren’t something to be afraid of. This rant against pickles, however, does underscore the madness of basing healthy eating recommendations on correlations as I discussed several weeks ago in my post looking at whether diet sodas make you fat (a question raised in a recent study that found that people who drink diet sodas weigh more than those who don’t).

Healthy eating really isn’t that complicated…as long as you don’t believe everything you read!  Sometimes common sense makes more sense than headlines.

One response to “Does Healthy Eating Include Pickles?”

  1. Gina says:

    Great post, Marsha – I’ve long thought about the same correlations about death among people who eat toast! Most everyone that dies these days has eaten toast in the prior 24 hours, and most people that have accidents have eaten it that very day!
    Thanks for pointing out in a funny way why correlation and causation are not the same thing! Happy April Fools (in October)!

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